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The Story of ParcelPool: A Journey with the Diamond

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Dear reader, we invite you to join us on a personal journey, one that revolves around our logo. This is a tale that traces its origins back to the company name ParcelPool and the timeless significance of the diamond it represents. As we’ve evolved and our company’s name has changed, the enduring legacy of ParcelPool has remained steadfast, embodied by a simple yet powerful symbol—the diamond. We hold this symbol close to our hearts, and it’s our pleasure to share its story with you in our today’s blog.

The Birth of ParcelPool 

Twenty five years ago, our company got a name ParcelPool. Back then, we were like the friendly neighborhood carpool, but for parcels. Imagine a place where parcels from all over gathered for a ride to their destinations. We were that place, where we pooled resources and shared the journey. Why? Because we believed in the power of working together. 

The Carpool Diamond 

With the name ParcelPool in place, our company sought inspiration from a familiar sign on highways—the carpool diamond. You know, that shiny white diamond that lets certain vehicles use a special lane? We loved that diamond because it stood for two important things: efficiency and priority. Just like cars in the carpool lane, we wanted to make sure your parcels got where they needed to go quickly and safely. 

“ParcelPool Angels” 

As our dedication to providing exceptional customer service grew, something wonderful happened that gave our customer service representatives a new nickname – “ParcelPool Angels”. Our customer service representatives were so dedicated and helpful that one of our customers started calling them that. It was like a little nickname that made us feel special. We saw it as a sign that we were doing something right, and it made us proud. 

Changing Times 

Time marched on, so did our company, and today we’re known as International Bridge. Still, we haven’t forgotten our ParcelPool roots. The diamond that inspired us still shines brightly in our logo, reminding us of our commitment to efficiency, trust, and safety. Even though our name is different, our dedication to our customers remains the same. 

The Diamond’s Promise 

So, there you have it—the story of ParcelPool and the diamond that shaped our journey. It’s a tale of inclusivity, efficiency, trust, and a little bit of unexpected joy. Our name may have evolved, but our promise to deliver parcels with care and priority is as strong as ever. 

When you see that diamond in our logo, it serves as a reminder that it’s not just a shape; it’s a symbol of our commitment to you, our valued customers. It’s a nudge that, just like a carpool lane, we’re here to make your shipping experience smoother and more efficient. 

Join us on this journey by visiting our website and exploring our services today. Your parcels are in good hands with International Bridge. Welcome to the road ahead, where the journey is just as important as the destination.