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Print & Ship with blue:

The complete e-commerce fulfillment platform


Connect and create best-priced shipping labels

blue™ is a powerful Print&Ship platform, which provides a complete fulfillment solution for all-size retailers who want great rates, multiple carrier options and instant label printing. blue™ helps you save money, time and resources.

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No subscription fees. No volume requirements

You can now print your own shipping labels at our cost effective rates – no subscription fees, no hidden costs! We offer you the best value for your shipping needs. Our team will work with you to understand your business and help you get the most out of our services

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Simple to start

  • Free to register and to get started today!

  • Supports eVS and ePostage 

  • Printer and scale integration directly from your browser

  • Support for all browsers and operating systems

  • Test it. Try it out in our test environment!

Efficient to use

  • Auto-Complete for domestic and international addresses
  • Print a batch of labels in a few clicks!
  • Create and print labels within seconds
  • Manage Pick-ups: schedule, review, and cancel
  • Scan-based return labels for easy returns
  • Review and manage Scan forms log (history)
  • Add several return addresses to choose from through our Address book


  • ePostage – Pay only for postage, no subscription fees
  • Simple rate shopping – lowest available rates across carriers
  • Automated handling of USPS label-cost adjustments
  • Automatic refunds for unused labels

Flexible for you

  • Import orders from a file or from your database
  • Choose from a variety of payment methods
  • Review and manage Shipping log (history)
  • Import orders and synchronize orders with other marketplaces
  • QR code package labeling for USPS drop-off.
  • Generate IB labels to use IB shipping services.
  • Generate various reports.
  • Address search by 5 ZIP digits

Technically sound

  • Easy to integrate API. Check out our API documentation

  • Two-factor authentication

  • “From-scratch” USPS full compliance engine (no 3rd-party APIs)

  • Address tool API: Built-in address validation and correction

  • Full-featured CRUD labels, prices, manifests, users


  • ACH Pre-funding for partners

  • Integration and order synchronization with common e-commerce platforms

  • USPS GSS integration support

  • Package Tracking

  • Visit our knowledge base; Learn about industry and blue™ features which will help you grow