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Non-continental US Shipping

Non-Continental Shipping

Do you ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or the US Territories?

If you do, our non-continental US shipping program, one of our earliest solution offerings, is for you. We deliver millions of small packages every year to traditionally underserved areas.

Save up to 25% with International Bridge

 Contact us today to setup a free consultation and get a quote!

How it works:


  • We accept small parcels from 1oz to 70 lbs.

  • For our higher volume parcel shippers, we pick up your packages from anywhere in the US, then sort and scan.

  • We load up the sorted and scanned packages into containers headed for USPS DDU (Destination Delivery Unit) locations in Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

  • On day of arrival at the destination, International Bridge employees pick up, sort and scan the packages again.

  • We deliver the packages to the USPS for final mile delivery the very next day.

Why it works:

  • Our optimized delivery network: because of our long-standing carrier and airline relationships, we can deliver these packages faster - 3-5 days vs. 7-10 days with other providers -- and at lower cost than any competitor.

  • Rates for this service are normally below national carrier "Parcel Select" or equivalent rates because our optimized network allows us to operate as if delivering to Zone 2 instead of Zone 8, saving you time and money vs. any other provider.

saves time, money, and avoids hassles

  • Free to register and to get started today!

  • Supports eVS and ePostage 

  • Printer and scale integration directly from your browser

  • Support for all browsers and operating systems

  • Test it. Try it out in our test environment!


work faster with fewer mistakes

  • Auto-complete for domestic and international addresses

  • Print batch of labels in few clicks!

  • Create and print labels within seconds

  • Manage Pick-ups: schedule, review, and cancel

  • Automatic Refunds for unused labels


get discounted rates, maximize savings

  • ePostage - Pay only for postage, no subscription fees

  • Simple Rate Shopping - lowest available rates across carriers

  • Automated handling of USPS label-cost adjustments 

  • Automatic Refunds for unused labels


work how and when you want

  • Import orders from a file or from your database

  • Update mail-piece information after you print label

  • Customize labels - add logo and up to 3 rubber stamps

  • Choose from a variety of payment methods

  • Review and manage Shipping log and Scan forms log

  • Synchronize marketplace orders


secure, compliant, and scalable

  • JSON & RESTful. Easy to integrate API. Check out our API documentation

  • Two-factor authentication

  • “From-scratch" USPS full compliance engine (no 3rd-party APIs)

  • Address tool API: Built-in address validation and correction

  • Full-featured CRUD Labels, Prices, Manifests, Users

  • USPS, FedEx, UPS. More carriers coming soon


gives you 'peace of mind'

  • ACH Pre-funding for partners

  • Integration and order synchronization with common eCommerce platforms

  • USPS GSS integration support

  • Package Tracking

  • Visit our Knowledge base; Learn about industry and blue™ features which will help you grow

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