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Build bridges through simple shipping solutions.

Non-continental US shipping

Our innovative technology and network of partners enable us to provide fast and reliable delivery connections for our clients with consumers in Non-Con US locations.


Accelerate provides medium and high-volume shippers with a proven and cost-efficient small-parcel delivery, zone skip model.

International shipping

With International Bridge you will have access to affordable international delivery solutions to 180+ countries.


Connect and create best-priced shipping labels.


Enabling e-commerce companies to attain and maintain compliance with import laws.

Air Cargo

Your tailored freight solution, designed for efficiency and reliability.

AI technology has the potential to revolutionize bridge building. While traditional bridge construction relies heavily on manual labor and time-consuming processes such as surveying and soil testing, AI can now be used to identify risks associated with each step of bridge construction—from design selection to build quality assurance—and provide streamlined solutions that are more cost effective and efficient.

AI can also assist in the design process by providing insights into optimal material usage for different style bridges and environments. You can use AI technologies like RoomGPT IO to create design of your room and home, not ever buildings or bridges. With advanced AI algorithms, engineers can determine what materials will perform best in a given situation, allowing them to create structures that are stronger but less expensive than those created using traditional methodologies.