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Since 1999, International Bridge has been providing high-quality, small-parcel shipping services to some of the largest ecommerce-retailers in the world. By designing solutions focused on consumers that are demanding low-cost or no-cost shipping from their ecommerce providers, International Bridge is changing the small-parcel-shipping paradigm by enabling high-volume shippers, domestically and internationally, to efficiently and effectively reach consumers in all areas of the U.S.

As we execute on our strategy each day to deliver Quality Service—offering competitive transit times and great rates—we maintain our focus on the following pillars that define our organization's approach:

  • People – Surrounding ourselves with dedicated employees, win-win partners, and successful customers that flourish from the solutions we deliver.

  • Technology – Driving innovative technology solutions that increase parcel visibility and customer peace-of-mind.

  • Customer Service – Going the extra mile and treating our customers’ packages like our own.

  • Environmental Commitment – Reducing the impact our services have on the environment by leaving the smallest carbon-footprint possible.


Our business partners, shipping clients, and employees are as diverse as the packages we ship and the geographic regions from which they originate. By surrounding ourselves with this diverse group of people, we continue to generate ideas that will provide better small-parcel shipping solutions and services for the high-volume shipper. And as a primary pillar in our business strategy, our people’s commitment is not just about making a difference in the industry. We are also focused on making an impact by delivering solutions that are friendlier to the environment and that encourage employee involvement in our diverse communities.

By surrounding ourselves with this diverse group of people, we continue to generate ideas that will provide better small-parcel shipping solutions and services for the high-volume shipper.


Technical solutions

To augment our unique delivery model, we have developed cutting-edge systems that bind the customer, the package, and the shipping process together in a real-time interactive process. As a fundamental pillar to our business strategy, our technology systems and applications have been developed with the following characteristics in mind:

  • Parcel visibility

  • Technical flexibility

  • Solution scalability

  • Ease of integration

We maintain an on-site staff of technologists across our diverse geographic offices that are committed to developing and maintaining the technology we use on a day-to-day basis. Their industry experience and technological expertise allows us to move quickly when our customers or partners require technical solutions that enhance the delivery process.


From our Customer Loyalty Team to our warehouse operations staff and all the way to our technical support team, we share a common Customer Service philosophy that guides our employees and partners to deliver an unmatched customer experience. This customer service pillar, combined with our corporate values allows you to trust that our everyday decision-making is based on integrity, humility, and doing the right thing for our customers every day.


Delivering Green

Our Environmental Commitment pillar is focused on leaving the smallest environmental footprint possible from the services we render. We’ve developed industry-first reusable shipping containers that consolidate small packages together in a single container, reducing waste and improving package visibility. And, we’ve invested in maintaining our Approved Shipping Consolidator Partner status with our final-mile delivery partners, to further reduce delivery costs and fuel usage.

To further this commitment, we have established our Delivering Green program that further reduces the impact that our small-parcel shipping has on the environment and improves the communities in which we do business. And finally because much of our eco-friendly savings are derived through our network of already-going-there transportation partners, we continue to seek out new partners and new routes with partners that share our vision and can help us reach our environmentally-friendly delivery goals.

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