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International Shipping Needs? Navigate the Obstacles with blue ePostage!

Ringing in the new year finds your small business’ e-commerce strategy is working, your online presence is expanding, and you are now looking to introduce your products to a more global marketplace. Now, you wonder how you are going to reach those international markets and you begin to become overwhelmed by questions that have you hesitating on your next move:

These are all great questions and questions that the team at International Bridge has been helping our clients answer for many years. Our blue ePostage solution easily provides answers to your international shipping needs and efficiently gets you started reaching your new global markets.

Print & Ship powered by blue provides a web-based application for small businesses that does not require any technical integrations. It also includes a world-wide address correction and verification to your advantage to prevent any undelivered shipments. Print your label from anywhere and drop your package off at your nearest Postal drop-off. Visit us at and get started today!

A built-in, simple-to-understand customs form is provided during the checkout process. Your team inputs information as they build out your label. Easy, stress-free customs compliance.

Discounted rates, visibility to alternative services, and selecting the best service for your needs are all part of the blue ePostage solution. We work very closely with the United States Postal Service (USPS), receive discounted rates for all domestic and international shipping, and pass those saving on to you. See how you can save up to 57% on international shipping through our blue solution.

You know your customer, so you choose the transit times. The blue solution provides service alternatives and you choose the transit time that best fits the service level you would like to provide to your customers. Balance costs and transit times for the right solution every time!

We understand how important it is for small businesses to tap into new markets and International Bridge wants to be there for you from the beginning. To help you make informed decisions for your international shipping needs, call or email us today at 1-877-727-2354 or