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The Origin Story of blue™: A Simple Name with a Powerful Vision

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In the fast-paced world of e-commerce, success often hinges on two key factors: efficiency and customer support. In 2018, International Bridge introduced blue™, an intuitive Print&Ship platform designed to address these vital aspects while making life easier for all-size retailers. But how did blue™ get its name, and what’s the story behind its creation? Let’s delve into the origins of this innovative service. 

When asked about the inspiration behind the name blue™, Harry Whitehouse, International Bridge’s Chief Innovations Officer, confessed that it wasn’t a result of exhaustive brainstorming sessions or market research. Instead, it was a personal touch that guided the decision. “My favorite color is blue,” Harry shared. “The sky often is a lovely shade of blue. It’s a simple, easy-to-remember name which might be helpful in word of mouth or formal marketing.” 

The simplicity of the name blue™ reflects the core philosophy of the service itself: simplicity, reliability, and ease of use. Just as the sky’s blue hue is a constant and reassuring presence, blue™ aims to provide a consistent and dependable Print&Ship solution for retailers of all sizes. 

A Vision for Connectivity and Support 

Beyond its name, blue™ embodies a deeper vision—to connect e-commerce retailers and provide them with a reliable, intuitive platform that simplifies the complex world of shipping and fulfillment. In a market saturated with options, blue™ stands out by offering instant label printing, all without subscription fees or hidden costs. 

At the heart of blue™ is the commitment to saving retailers money, time, and resources. But that’s not all. What truly sets blue™ apart is its dedication to customer experience. In an industry where automated systems often replace human interaction, blue™ took a different path. We established a dedicated Customer Experience team whose primary mission is to assist with onboarding and support customers throughout their journey. 

This commitment to live customer support was driven by the realization that most similar services lacked this crucial feature. We recognize that retailers need more than just technology; they need a partner who understands their business and can provide hands-on assistance. With blue™, retailers have a reliable ally in their corner, helping them navigate the complexities of shipping and fulfillment. 

The name “blue” may have been inspired by a simple personal preference, but its mission is anything but ordinary—to bridge the gap in e-commerce by offering simplicity and support, one retailer at a time. 

A Symbol of Reliability and Trust 

With blue™, International Bridge has not only created a powerful Print&Ship platform but also a symbol of reliability, trust, and a dedication to customer success in an increasingly digital and automated world. 

Ready to simplify your e-commerce shipping and boost your customer support? Today this is easier then ever – discover the power of blue™ today and transform your business.