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How does International Bridge Zone-Skipping work?

If you are looking for a way to reduce your zone 6-8 shipments and speed up your service, then Zone Skipping is a 3-5 day delivery model that may just be the best fit for your company. Zone Skip can be a flexible and customizable shipping solution that is well-suited for enterprise shippers. Zone Skipping is most effective for companies that do not have multiple distribution centers and are located on the east or west coast.

Where does Zone Skipping take place?

Domestically, within the United States.

What can customers do, to know if it is right for them?

Customers can provide International Bridge with a sample of Package Level Detail (PLD) on their parcels, so that IB can perform a zone optimization study.

What happens once the data is analyzed?

Once it is complete, the information is shared with your company along with a pricing proposal. This allows you to see the optimized movement of parcels and better understand the financial and transit savings.

How will my parcels be delivered?

Once you move forward with Zone Skip, International Bridge will leverage its vast airline relationships to downstream inject parcels to U.S Postal Service.

What USPS Services are used to deliver Zone Skip parcels?

With each Zone Skip solution being customized to the individual needs of your business, International Bridge will leverage both Parcel Select and Priority Mail service.

What are the advantages?

Zone Skip with International Bridge allows the customer to create a customized delivery network that provides an expedited delivery option while reducing parcel spend.