Our solutions range from software to package handling, from desktop to customs clearance. Our objective is to deliver the fastest, most affordable & reliable global shipping options to all of our customers, whether large or small.

Print & Ship Now!

Solutions for SMB retailers who want great rates, multiple carrier options & instant results

Zone Skipping

Flexible & customizable shipping solutions for enterprise shippers

China Cross-Border Services  

Fast, affordable & reliable solutions into and out of China

Customs Clearance

Accelerated, expert customs management for shipments into the US & China

International Shipping

Reduced complexity with time & cost-sensitive solutions to 180 countries

Non-continental US Shipping

Faster & lower cost solutions to Alaska, Hawaii & Puerto Rico


Intuitive, flexible, and scalable shipping solution  for your growing eCommerce business.

Print&Ship software 

and Shipping API







Why shippers choose  blue™ 

and why you should choose us


saves time, money, and avoids hassles

  • Free registration and no subscription fees to use blue
  • Instant access to USPS discounted rates
  • One-Click label print for International & Domestic labels
  • Test it. Try it out in our test environment
  • 24/7 online chat support 
  • Dedicated compliance team
get discounted rates, maximize savings
  • No minimum volumes to start saving today

  • Simple Rate Shopping - get lowest available rates across carriers

  • Get automatic refunds for all unused labels

  • Automated handling of USPS label-cost adjustments 

reduce complexity and ship internationally
  • Simplified process to complete a customs form for an international label
  • Deeper discounts available for international destinations
  • Global Direct Entry (GDE) wholesaler, inbound final-mile discounts available
  • International address validation to avoid undeliverable shipments 
  • End-to-end tracking 

Get deeply discounted USPS labels for both domestic and international shipping

As a USPS preferred partner and a Postal Qualified Wholesaler (PQW), International Bridge offers extremely competitive shipping rates for both Domestic and International services to all blue™ users.

Depending on your parcel volume commitments, we can provide additional discounted customized rates and specific services.

For more information, please visit check all our Solutions, or contact us.

work faster with fewer mistakes
  • Create and print labels within seconds
  • Auto-complete for domestic and international addresses
  • Edit and print batch of labels in few clicks!
  • Pick and Pack feature: fulfill orders fast and accurate
  • Manage Pick-ups: schedule, review, and cancel
  • Supports eVS and ePostage 

work how and when you want

  • A complete fulfillment solution from your browser
  • Support for all browsers and operating systems
  • Integration with USB scale and ZPL printer
  • Manage orders and print labels using single or batch functionality
  • Customize labels - add logo and up to 3 rubber stamps
  • Review and manage Shipping log and Scan forms log


secure, compliant, and scalable

  • JSON & RESTful. Easy to integrate API. Recommended for high volume shippers and IT/consulting companies developing custom fulfillment software and system integration
  • “From-scratch" USPS full compliance engine (no 3rd - party APIs)
  • Address tool API: Built-in address validation and correction
  • Full-featured CRUD Labels, Prices, Manifests, Users
  • USPS, GSS, FedEx, UPS, International Bridge Services. More carriers coming soon


gives you 'peace of mind'

  • USPS approved partner and vendor
  • Fastest USPS label API on market
  • ACH Pre-funding for partners and variety of payment methods
  • Online chat support for all users and account management for partners
  • Know where your packages are at all times: Package Tracking
  • Powerful Knowledge base; Learn about the industry and blue™ features which will help you grow


Unified workspace. Powerful. Developed to support your growing needs.

Multi-Carrier Shipping Calculator

Calculate and compare postage prices for domestic and international shipping.



billing and reporting


directly from a browser



add rubber stamps and logo


Shopify, eBay, BigCommerce, Etsy and more coming soon


no 3rd party APIs


for domestic and international addresses



for all unused labels


and more payment methods


including FedEx and UPS


from a file, database or

eCommerce store


single and batch functionality


across carriers


in just a few clicks


know where your package

is at all times


Package Delivery solutions for today's eCommerce

 low, medium, and high-volume shippers!

Simple to use, quick to integrate, and ready to scale shipping solutions for your growing eCommerce business.

No subscription fees. No volume requirements.

Create labels and ship now!



Non-continental US Shipping

Non-continetal Shipping

Do you ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or the US Territories or you are looking for a ways to broaden your customer base by shipping to those locations ?

If you do, our Non-continental US shipping program, one of our earliest solution offerings, is for you. We deliver millions of small packages every year to traditionally underserved areas. 


Our domestic service model focuses on simplifying delivery to AK, HI and PR.


In addition to savings up to 25% over other carriers, we provide fully transparent service from your warehouse to consumers hands, within 3-5 days to underserved regions. 

How it works:


  • We accept small parcels from 1oz to 70 lbs.

  • For our higher volume parcel shippers, we pick up your packages from anywhere in the US, then sort and scan.

  • We load up the sorted and scanned packages into containers headed for USPS DDU (Destination Delivery Unit) locations in Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

  • On day of arrival at the destination, International Bridge employees pick up, sort and scan the packages again.

  • We deliver the packages to the USPS for final mile delivery the very next day.

Why it works:

  • Our optimized delivery network: because of our long-standing carrier and airline relationships, we can deliver these packages faster - 3-5 days vs. 7-10 days with other providers -- and at lower cost than any competitor.

  • Rates for this service are normally below national carrier "Parcel Select" or equivalent rates because our optimized network allows us to operate as if delivering to Zone 2 instead of Zone 8, saving you time and money vs. any other provider.


China Expertise: To China, From China

China presents a huge opportunity. We have the expertise to help. We opened our first mainland China office in 2012, with an end-to-end delivery solution for the Chinese market. Today, we have expanded our offerings to include China-to-US and US-to-China solutions.

When you are shipping to or from China, it's important to have full transparency all the way. Shipping with International Bridge gives you that, as we are handling your packages ourselves instead of handing them off to a third party. With offices and employees on the ground in China, we have the experience, the people and the technology to take care of your business.

US to China highlights:

  • US-to-China delivery (to end destination) in 3-7 business days

  • Rates are lower than FedEx, UPS and other international carriers

  • Packages kept within the trusted International Bridge network

  • Customs clearance capabilities available at multiple locations in the US, with patented prescreening registration of your SKUs for fast Clearance. Unlike many providers, we are also a C-TPAT certified partner of US Customs & Border Patrol, enabling us to secure your package with quality service and the highest standard of compliance.

    • Items taxed as low as 11.9%

    • DDU and DDP solutions are available

  • Integrated scanning and tracking available 24x7, from the first scan at the International Bridge originating warehouse to the final scan at consumer delivery

 Contact us today to setup a free consultation and quote.

China to US highlights:

  • Standard delivery in 7-11 days

  • Express delivery in 3-7 business days

  • Express Plus delivery in 3-5 business days

  • Drop-off or pick-ups available in multiple locations across China

  • Scanning and tracking options integrated with USPS

  • Rapid customs clearance for fast package movement

  • Access to all 50 US states, with USPS delivering the last mile

Customs Clearance

Customs-Trade Partnership

Our patented solution will save you time & money while reducing complexity. We have a unique and specialized customs clearance model based on years of experience. Most providers operate in just 1-2 entry ports around the US.

At International Bridge, we offer our customers up to 10 different points of entry!


International Shipping

Affordable & dependable delivery solutions

Affordable & dependable delivery solutions to 180 countries.

We are proud to partner with the US Postal Service as a postal qualified wholesaler (PQW). Combining our PQW status with our own optimized delivery network, we have the flexibility to craft custom shipping solutions that fit each company's unique transit and economic requirements. 


For our higher parcel volume customers, we pick up your packages, sort, scan and distribute from the International Bridge warehouses located around the country. Just another way that we reduce the complexity, improve transit time and keep costs low...

Priority Mail Express International

  • 3-5 business days

  • Date-certain delivery

  • Includes $200 parcel insurance

Priority Mail International

  • 6-10 business days

  • Includes $100 parcel insurance

First Class Parcel International

  • 7-12 business days

  • Packages up to 4lbs

  • End-to-end tracking

 Contact us today to setup a free consultation and get a quote!

Commercial ePacket

  • 4-7 business days

  • Packages up to 4.4lbs

  • 33 countries worldwide


  • 9-21 day delivery

  • Economical delivery for items up to 4.4lbs

  • No tracking

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Zone Skipping

Reduce your 6-8 zone and speed up your service

Zone-Skipping Shipping Model

A flexible & customizable shipping solution well-suited to enterprise shippers.

How are you meeting consumer expectations for free or low-cost 2-day delivery? Are you able to manage shipping costs, regardless of destination, such that you're not losing money? These are hard issues for any business, especially when you may have a distribution center on one coast but customers on the other.

This is where International Bridge ZoneSkip helps. With our breadth of experience and options ranging from technologies to carrier partners, we can create a completely customized solution for our customers that balances transit time and cost requirements. Our ZoneSkip solution architects work directly with customers to develop and integrate solutions that work, quickly and efficiently, in their own environment.

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 worldwide, airlift, line-haul and supply chain services are limited, so longer transit times are expected for package deliveries across the US. International Bridge is committed to providing service to the best of our ability and we appreciate your business and your patience in these trying times.