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Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 worldwide, airlift, line-haul and supply chain services are limited, so longer transit times are expected for package deliveries across the US. International Bridge is committed to providing service to the best of our ability and we appreciate your business and your patience in these trying times.

Zone Skipping

A flexible & customizable shipping solution well-suited to enterprise shippers.

How are you meeting consumer expectations for free or low-cost 2-day delivery? Are you able to manage shipping costs, regardless of destination, such that you're not losing money? These are hard issues for any business, especially when you may have a distribution center on one coast but customers on the other.

This is where International Bridge ZoneSkip helps. With our breadth of experience and options ranging from technologies to carrier partners, we can create a completely customized solution for our customers that balances transit time and cost requirements. Our ZoneSkip solution architects work directly with customers to develop and integrate solutions that work, quickly and efficiently, in their own environment.

Zone Skipping Shipping Model

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Reduce zones.
Reduce your 6-8 zones and speed up your service. 
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