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USPS Is Modernizing Its Vehicle Fleet

By: Harry Whitehouse

Everyone has seen the USPS Long Life Vehicle (LLV) driving around their neighborhood.  Grumman produced over 140,000 of these about 30 years ago for the USPS.

As these vehicles are reaching the end of their 30 year life, USPS is beginning to replace them with vans like the one shown below as an interim measure.  One key feature of the vans is the larger volume which is in response to the ever-increasing USPS package volume.

On January 20, 2015, the USPS released solicitation RFI-NGDV for the Next Generation Delivery Vehicle.  On September 22, 2016, the United States Postal Service awarded the NGDV Prototype Contract to six selected suppliers: AM General, Karsan, Mahindra, Oshkosh, Utilimaster, and VT Hackney. Half of the prototypes will feature hybrid and new technologies, including alternative fuel capabilities. The prototypes will represent a variety of vehicle sizes and drive configurations, in addition to advanced powertrains and a range of hybrid technologies.  USPS will eventually purchase up to 180,000 new vehicles at an estimated cost of 5 billion.

Interestingly, the average daily mileage of a USPS delivery truck is less than 30 miles.  The total USPS vehicle fleet is about 220,000 making it one of the largest non-military fleets in the world!   The USPS serves over 155 million delivery points in the United States and US Territories.

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