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USPS 2020 Rate Changes for International Services

By: Matija Ratkovic

Last week we published a post that outlined the USPS rate changes for 2020 domestic services. In addition to these changes, USPS has published a new set of rates for International services; these rates went into effect on January 26th, 2020.

This post summarizes the following:

  1. The changes in the USPS International rate structure,

  2. The highlight of the cost savings when using International Bridge, and

  3. The samples of the 2020 International Bridge rates for international services.

The rate analysis presented refers to International Bridge Pricing, compared to USPS Retail rates.You can access International Bridge Pricing, which is up to 20% below the USPS Retail rate, when you sign up at

Priority Mail International, Express, and Flats

Rates for Priority Mail International (PMI), Priority Mail Express International (PMEI), and Priority Mail International Flat Rate envelopes and boxes have increased for all country groups and weights. The following information outlines those rate increases and provides average savings that you will recognize when using International Bridge for your international shipping needs.

There is no better time than now to sign up to our BLUE ePostage solution to save you money on every priority package you send. The charts below have a detailed view of the 2020 International Bridge’s rates for PMI and PMEI packages under 30 lbs. and for PMI Flats.

Register today at and get our full rates for packages up to 70 lbs.

First-Class Packages International Service (FCPIS)

First-Class Packages International Service (FCPIS) is the most affordable international service offered by USPS for packages up to 4lbs. 2020 rates have increased for all price groups as shown on the following table:

The chart below has a detailed view of the 2020 International Bridge’s rates for First Class Package International Service (FCPIS):

Register now at and start saving with us today! For more details contact us at or call us at 1-877-727-2354.

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