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How to Ship a Package with a Future Postmark Date?

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

There are many business cases where you may want to print a label today but assign the package with a future postmark date. In these cases, you may be unsure when you will drop off a package at USPS.

Printing labels with a future postmark date using blue™ is simple and part of the standard workflow. Unlike PC Postage, with our ePostage labels, you can have future postmark dates without any issues from an operational point of view, delivery, billing and tracking. Our ePostage labels are not impacted by what is written on the label.

However, some USPS Post Offices apply PC Postage rules on ePostage packages. In this scenario, the USPS staff checks the printed postmark date on the label. This date must be the same date that you drop off your shipment; if the printed date is in the future, the facility may not accept your package for delivery.

If you find yourself in this situation, we suggest the following tips for getting your packages into the USPS network:

  • Drop off your package into a collection box (if the size of the package allows).

  • Hand your packages directly to your local USPS delivery person.

  • Schedule a USPS pick-up and receive a USPS pickup confirmation number directly via the blue™ online application.

If you continue having any issues at drop-off, we suggest that you talk with your local postmaster or change your fulfillment workflow and use the current date when printing labels and dropping them off with USPS.

Happy Shipping!

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