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SAVE up to 57% on International Shipping with Two Quick Tips?

By: Matija Ratkovic

E-Commerce retailers continue to rapidly grow their businesses by relying on social media to reach out globally to attract new customers and expand their brand. Shipping to this expanded international market, however, can become a burden due to high rates and/or slow transit times offered by some logistic providers. Understanding the services USPS offers and avoiding providers who include surcharges in their cost, can dramatically reduce your shipping costs leading to a revenue boost and customer satisfaction. Here are a couple of tips that will help you lower the costs of your international shipments:

Tip#1 Use Flat Rate Packaging: Using flat-rate packaging (envelopes/boxes) to ship eligible products instead of shipping under regular Priority Mail International (PMI) rates can result in dramatic savings.

The Rules: The maximum weight for a PMI Flat Rate Envelopes and Small Flat Rate Boxes is 4lbs; for Medium and Large Boxes the weight limit is 20lbs.

The Results: The following diagram provides a quick rate savings calculation for a 20lb package with a United Kingdom destination:

Keep in mind that the Flat Rate packaging is also PMI-class mail, so you still get the benefits of PMI transit times and all the other perks of this mail-class, including insurance up to $200.

Tip#2 Use First-Class Package International Service (FCPIS): For lighter packages, you may want to consider the FCPIS service that provides more granular pricing for packages weighing less than 4lbs.

The Rules: This service class can be used with packages that are less than 4lbs; rate levels are determined by ounces.

The Results: The following diagram provides a quick rate savings calculation for a 2lb (32 ounce) package with an Australian destination:

International Bridge can offer prices that are below USPS retail & Commercial Plus Prices (CPP) without negatively impacting transit times. If you would like to find out how you can save money for your international shipments, let us help you analyze your shipment data and identify the best shipping method that fits your business model. Call or email us today! 1-877-727-2354 or

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