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Introducing Scan-Based Return Labels on blue™

Updated: Oct 1, 2020

For eCommerce customers who want to include a return label within their packages, the blue™ API now contains functionality for generating a scan-based return label. When this scan-based return label is used and scanned by USPS, they send a notification to the account holder and your account is debited appropriately; if the label is never scanned by USPS, your account is not charged for the return label.

Costs for returns using the scan-based label are determined by the package weight. If no operational weight is captured, the weight is taken from the electronic manifest. If for some reason no weight is available on the manifest, an averaged postage rate is charged based on other return labels processed through the blue™ system.

The following mail-classes can be used with scan-based labels and these labels are valid for a period of 90 days from creation:

  • First Class Parcel

  • Priority Mail

  • Priority Mail Express

  • Parcel Select Ground

Providing this convenience to your customers and streamlining your customers own operational workflow has never been easier. Plus, there are no additional fees to use the blue API scan-based return labeling functionality!

To start using this feature:

  1. You must be a registered blue API user - click here

  2. Then, contact our sales team at to enable this service.

  3. Connect to the blue API and immediately begin printing scan-based labels to include in your packages.

For more information on how to start using this service through our API, please contact our sales team at

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