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Introducing Pick and Pack on blue

By: Ellie Hart

As the blue™ ePostage system continues to expand, our team is dedicated to giving our customers the best experiences and best platform in the market. To this end, we want to introduce our new “Pick and Pack” feature that streamlines your package fulfillment processes.

What is Pick and Pack?

Pick and Pack is a common fulfillment workflow that enables you to systematically complete groups of eCommerce orders in a timely and organized manner. Designed to focus on shipments that continually vary in contents and weight, the Pick and Pack process is popular in larger warehouse environments.

After an order is placed, you “pick” an item(s) from the fulfillment facility to carry out customer orders, and “pack” the item(s) into the proper sized shipping box. This also includes cushioning materials, packing lists, or other included marketing collateral. The packer is typically working from an order with a unique order number that has been stored is stored in a computer database or Excel/CSV file. Once “packed”, the package is then weighed, labeled, and shipped.

Why use the Pick and Pack feature?

The blue™ Pick-and-Pack system is designed for large (and small!) warehouse operations with varying product sizes and weights. Our blue™ website connects to your local or cloud-based order system so that the delivery address and any other special instructions are readily available. The blue™ website is also continually reading the scale output so the operator simply needs to type (or scan) in the order number for the correct shipping label to print. The label is then affixed to the box and processing of the next order can begin.

When used properly, the blue™ Pick and Pack process speeds fulfillment, provides a more accurate package weight, and is easily scaled as your orders increase. Through the integration of a scale, package weights are captured more precisely which results in a more accurate cost for shipping services. No more guessing or estimating package weights.

Furthermore, blue™ allows you to price shop from within the Pick and Pack function. This allows you to find a postage service and price that fits your needs. Simply put the package on the scale and all available services are listed in ascending price order. And with the blue™ automated Print feature, shipping labels are printed automatically once you complete your label purchase.

Use the blue™ Pick and Pack feature to simplify your daily tasks, save you time and money, and fulfill orders like a pro!

To find out more about how to set up this feature on your account please visit our Knowledge base portal and to start using blue™ click here!

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