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International Shipping by International Bridge

By: Brooke Vitti

At International Bridge we are proud to offer affordable and reliable delivery solutions to 180+ countries. We are also proud to partner with the United States Postal Service as a Postal Qualified Wholesaler (PQW). When we syndicate our PQW status with our very own optimized delivery network, we have the flexibility to create custom shipping solutions that fit each company’s unique transit and economic requirements.

How does it work?

How can someone create an international shipping label?You can use our IB API software to create an international package that will travel to virtually any country in the world.  

How can someone induct an international package? By handing it to your local carrier, dropping it into a collection box (if it will fit) or swing by any Post Office.  

What mailing options are there? Priority Mail Express, Priority Mail International, First Class Parcel International, Commercial ePacket, or IPA.

Why do International pieces take an interesting route? They all must go through one of five USPS International Service Centers (ISC’s).  

Where are there ISC’s located? San Francisco,New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and Chicago.  

What do the ISC’s do? They sort the mail by country and arrange air or—in the case of Canada—ground or air transport.  They also are the jumping off point for military mail (APO, FPO, DPO).

What happens when the parcel reaches the destination? At entry, the country’s customs authorities examine the customs declaration to determine if taxes or duties need to be collected from the recipient.

What is a De Minimis? The threshold above which taxes and duties might be charged.  

Is delivery tracking offered? It is offered by the majority of countries for Priority International and Priority Express international parcels. A handful of high-volume countries will provide tracking to the delivery point for First Class International packages as well.

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