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Get More From blue with the Shopify Marketplace Integration

By: Maria Choy

If you’re like most shippers, getting your package in your customer’s hands quickly and with no hassle is the key to customer confidence and repeat business. The blue solutions improve your fulfillment process by providing easy-to-print labels directly from your browser. And, blue goes a step further and works for you by integrating with your marketplace to give you a streamlined order fulfilment and postage labeling system.

Get blue today, connect with your marketplace, and immediately start seeing the advantages that blue provides to your eCommerce workflow:

Like blue itself, connecting your marketplace and syncing your eCommerce orders is quick and easy to complete:

To find out more about the cost savings you can enjoy while using blue, visit our blog at and review our previous postings. For more assistance on connecting our solution to your shopify marketplace, contact us today at or 1-877-727-2354.

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