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blue™ - Putting the “E” in ePostage

Updated: Sep 8, 2020

By: David Dendic

Putting the “E” in ePostage

International Bridge is putting the "e" in ePostage with the introduction of the blue™ ePostage solution. Offering that ability to generate and print shipping labels from the convenience of your browser, blue™ provides an online platform and a robust API that are easy to use, efficient to operate, and economical to integrate into your fulfillment workflow.

Print & Ship Now powered by BLUE

Designed with the small and medium sized business in mind, the blue™ online platform provides an intuitive, online customer experience through common browsers and mobile devices. With extended functions like price shopping, pickup scheduling, and event tracking, blue™ boasts functions more commonly found in expensive desktop ePostage systems.

But don't worry, these extended functions did not impact our ability to deliver an economical platform that is completely free to use! No subscription fees and no surcharges. Simply pay for the price of the label you generate and nothing else! Register now at and start shipping today!

blue™, API

For high-volume shippers, IB developed an application programming interface (API) within the blue™ platform that provides an easy-to-integrate and scalable solution for larger organizations. By building a full USPS-compliant engine from the ground up, the blue™ API has no dependencies on 3rd-party APIs and provides JSON or RESTful endpoints for best-of-breed integration with your fulfillment workflow.

With support for USPS, the blue™ API! also includes feature for multiple payment methods and multiple shopping cart integrations. For more technical information on the blue™ API, please visit and start your integration now!

blue™ and You!

As a USPS preferred partner and a Postal Qualified Wholesaler (PQW), International Bridge offers extremely competitive shipping rates for both Domestic and International services to all blue™ users. To find out more about blue™, visit our solutions page at

Call or email us today and discover why blue™ is the perfect online shipping solution for YOU! 1-877-727-2354 or

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