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International Bridge provides low-cost high quality small parcel shipping to the United States and territories (including Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and military addresses), as well as pro-active customer service and consistent online tracking. IB and FAR Announce New Strategic Partnership

IB and FAR Announce New Strategic Partnership

Aug 30, 2018


Dear valued customers and partners,

International Bridge, Inc. (“IB”) is proud to announce a new strategic partnership with Hangzhou Far international logistics (“FAR”), in which IB and FAR will be enabled to provide increasingly high-quality China-US package delivery services.

Hangzhou Far international logistics was founded in 2000 and is headquartered in Hangzhou. The company has long been committed to providing high-quality cross-border logistics services and has well-established service networks of delivery and pickup across the country.

International Bridge, Inc. was founded in 1999 and focuses on rapid, e-commerce-friendly parcel delivery services in the US and China. IB began offering China-to-US delivery services in 2013 and currently works with many of the largest shippers and platforms in China.

 Starting August 1, 2018, FAR began managing the affairs of IB in China and establishing the IB China Division as IB’s representative in China, focused on expansion and development of the IB China business, the building and operating of sort centers and hubs, and export clearance. IB continues to focus on rapid customs clearance into the US (including package content data screening) and final mile delivery. The combination of the two sides will help the partnership provide better-quality services, each side focusing on its respective areas of strength, which will greatly improve efficiency and reduce costs.

The strategic partnership will continue to use the IB brand for the China-US package delivery services.