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International Bridge provides low-cost high quality small parcel shipping to the United States and territories (including Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and military addresses), as well as pro-active customer service and consistent online tracking. International Services

International Services

International delivery services

Our International Delivery services, with headquarters in China, combines the features of our proven Already-Going-There delivery model with an industry-first Green Clearance model. The combination of these models, provides international delivery services at a price point that reduces your international shipping spend while delivering service levels previously found only in the main integrated carriers.

With average delivery times of 4-7 days and attractive pricing models for high-volume shippers, our International services allow Asian shippers to offer low cost/no cost shipping to all areas of the United States.


We differentiate ourselves by listening to our customers and developing solutions that are cost-effective and efficient so that International delivery can add to our customer’s bottom line. We have spent years defining and refining our express delivery services and continue every day looking for more efficient ways of getting your packages into your consumer’s hands. The list below are examples of what separates us from the common integrated carriers:

Our Service

  • Solutions that use up to 7 times less fuel per package delivered
  • Expedited U.S. Customs clearance
  • Residential delivery 6-day a week
  • No Residential delivery charge

Your Bottom Line

  • Increase customer sales through low-cost delivery options
  • Increase customer loyalty with green delivery options
  • Improve cycle-time on special releases
  • Improve customer service with our unique tracking dashboard

The Extras

  • E-commerce Interfaces
  • International IT Support
  • Global Customer Service
  • Pre-clearance of common products
  • Delivery to all U.S. addresses

Shipper's Benefits

Our feature-rich, International Shipping Program includes the following benefits that offer the combination of an environmentally-friendly solution that reduces per-package fuel consumption, overall delivery costs, expedites customs clearance, and minimizes environmental impacts:

International Air Delivery
Using our network of suppliers, the Air component of our international Business-to-Consumer solutions provides multiple daily options, a lower-cost alternative, and an eco-friendly solution for expedited international shipping.
Customs Clearance
Pre-cleared packages allows us to minimize delay and expedite customs clearance through a Commercial Business Clearance process that until recently was only available to higher-priced alternatives.
Global Tracking
Step-by-step tracking and alerts allow us to troubleshoot delays before impact. Online tracking provides you and your customers visibility of your package at every step in the delivery process.
Service Commitments
By maintaining responsibility for your product from origin to the destination we provide a high-level of service not typically found in shipping aggregators. This commitment to service allows us to offer competitive service timeframes and delivery guarantees.
Direct to Consumer
Because our solutions deliver your parcels directly to your consumer, you can skip the interim step of delivery to a “local” US warehouse. Reduce costs, increase delivery performance, and improve customer loyalty.
Final Mile Delivery
By using partners that are going to every address in the US every day we provide final-mile delivery from experienced personnel that is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Because of these partners, we deliver six days a week and to residences at no extra charge.
“Green” Solution
Not only can we get there fast and less expensive, but we can do it in an environmentally friendlier way allowing you to market this method to your “green-conscious” consumers.