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International Bridge provides low-cost high quality small parcel shipping to the United States and territories (including Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and military addresses), as well as pro-active customer service and consistent online tracking. Growing Green

Growing Green

International Bridge makes environment greener for each delivered package to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Honolulu, and other 48 states

There is no better way to demonstrate our commitment to the environment than by helping others with their reforestation projects. And that’s just what we did on May 22, 2013 in Itasca County, Minnesota. Through our partnership with the Itasca Greenhouse and Itasca County we contributed to the planting of almost 13,000 red pines in the northern part of the county. We realize that for each package that we deliver, our business has an impact on the environment. From the fuel used to deliver our packages to the containers used to ship our consumer’s products, we create a carbon footprint through our production of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. By contributing to reforestation projects like Itasca County we are recognizing our responsibility to offset this carbon footprint and making a positive impact on the environment. And although the methods we use to transport packages use less fuel-per-package than other traditional shipping methods, we believe strongly in offsetting the footprint that our business creates.

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Our Project

In late 2012, we challenged ourselves to develop a corporate environmentally-friendly program that contributed to reforestation based on the number of packages that we shipped. As we develop this Eco-Friendly Delivery program, we initiated a pilot project with Itasca County, Minnesota that culminated in the planting of almost 13,000 Red Pine seedlings in the northern part of the county.

Itasca Greenhouse took us under their wings as we initiated this program and with their guidance, support, and coordination left no stone unturned.

  • Acres: 16
  • Trees Type: Red Pine
  • Trees Donated: 12,903
  • Trees per acre: 750-1000
  • GPS Coordinates: 47*52’34.1’N 093*14’56.7”W

Itasca County, Minnesota

Our Partners

Itasca Greenhouse grows 5-6 million containerized tree seedlings in three crops per year. With greenhouses utilizing co-generation heat from the local power station, and with their management efficiency, they are able to produce high-quality containerized seedlings at low cost. In business for over 28 years, Itasca Greenhouse has grown to be a nationally known, trusted source for hardy containerized tree seedlings.

Bill and Cathy Sayward, owners of the greenhouse, coordinated our efforts and provided the red pine seedlings to Itasca County as part of the county’s 2013 reforestation efforts.

The Itasca County Land Department is committed to ensuring that the economic benefits and environmental integrity of the County's natural resources are available to both present and future generations. Mike Gibbons and his team at the Land Department planted over 530 acres and approximately 400,000 trees in a three week time period during May. Usually, the annual planting is completed before May, but because of the below average temperatures and early spring snows, planting started later than usual this year.

Our Environment

Why red pine?

Red Pines are native to the area and when possible it is always preferred to plant native trees. As a side note, the red Pine is the State Tree of Minnesota!

What does reforestation do?

Reforestation is the natural or intentional restocking of existing forests and woodlands that have been depleted, usually through deforestation. Reforestation can be used to improve the quality of human life by soaking up pollution and dust from the air, rebuild natural habitats and ecosystems, mitigate global warming through sequestration of atmospheric carbon dioxide, and harvest for resources, particularly timber.

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